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Dear Armagh United Methodist Church Members,


            By action of Church Council on Monday, December 19, Armagh United Methodist Church will hold a formal vote to either Disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church or remain in the United Methodist Church. District Superintendent Rev. Sung Chung has scheduled this vote for Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 6:30pm at Armagh UMC in Elliot Hall. DS Rev. Chung will be in attendance to run the Church Conference and conduct the formal ballot voting. Please note that there will be no debate or discussion of any issues, only voting.


You are receiving this letter as you have met the criteria set by AUMC Church Council as a “Member in Good Standing”. Foremost, you are a registered member of the United Methodist Church. Additionally, in the past twelve month period, you have attended at least five worship services and/or five church activities or have been financially supporting Armagh UMC. This combination narrows the eligible voting body to 69 members. Your vote and voice are very important to deciding the future of our church. You must be in physical attendance to vote as no votes are allowed 'by proxy'.


If the “Yes, Disaffiliate” vote achieves the 2/3 majority vote of those present, the church conference will appoint four church members to meet with the WPAUMC Conference Trustees to negiotate the financial costs of disaffiliation. Once the financial terms are clearly defined and written legally on paper, a second church conference will be held to accept the financial terms and establish the ultimate and final vote to approve full disaffiliation from the UMC.


Also, this vote will only be a “Yes, Disaffiliate” or “No, Stay” vote in regards to the United Methodist Church. If 2/3 of those in attendance vote to disaffiliate, a future vote will be held to determine if Armagh Church will join the Global Methodist Church, join a different Methodist denomination or become a fully independent church.


If the “No, Stay” votes prevent a 2/3 majority of “Yes, Disaffiliate” votes, no further action or meetings will be required as Armagh UMC will remain with the United Methodist Church.


 Please continue to support our church with prayer. Pray for God to be glorified through whatever decisions are made. No matter the vote, we are bound by Christ and mutual fellowship within the community.



Tab G. Boyer, Church Council President


United Methodist Mission Work in Ukraine

The United Methodist Commission on Relief (UMCOR) is working to address the needs of refugees from Ukraine.  You can help by donating to the international disaster response fund (Advance #982450).  You can place an offering in the plate during worship and it will be forwarded through our Conference or you can give online through this web site, but your gift will get there faster if you give directly to UMCOR (www.umcmission.org). 



Glorifying God, Edifying His people, Growing in His Word, Employing His Gifts, Proclaiming His Gospel!

Contact Information:
Armagh United Methodist
     570 West Philadelphia St.
     Armagh, PA 15920
Office Phone: 814-446-5551
Pastor: Scott Hamley
Mobile Phone:  724-859-6745
Office Manager:
     Gloria Blankenship


Sunday Schedule:

Worship Service:  9:00 am
Communion First Sunday of Every Month
Meet & Greet in Elliot Hall: 10:15am
Light snack & fellowship
Sunday School:  10:30am
Small groups for all ages
We are located in Armagh, PA
in lower Indiana County west of Rts 56 & 22.
*Our Sanctuary and Elliot Hall Fellowship are all on one level and are fully handicap accessible.