UNITED in our Lord and Savior for the joy of life and living in the community.

Worship Services

Worship Services begin at 9:00am every Sunday with Communion celebrated on the first Sunday of every month.


Liturgists for 2022*

(Liturgists will be the Leader of the Congregation Response for the Psalm of the Day and will also lead the Collect Prayer in the Worship Bulletin)

Jan 2  -  Kate S.

Jan 9  -  Nancy K.

Jan 16 - Tab B.

Jan 23 - Glenn B.

Jan 30 - Dick K.


Feb 6   - Tab B.

Feb 13 - Eugene H.

Feb 20 - Carole S.

Feb 27 - Dave P.


Mar 6   - Barb S.

Mar 13 - Nancy K.

Mar 20 - Mary S.

Mar 27 - Glenn B.


Apr 3  -  Dick K.

Apr 10 -  Kate S.

Apr 17 -  Mary S.

Apr 24Eugene H.


May 1  -  Carole S.

May 8  -  Dave P.

May 15 - Barb S.

May 22 - Nancy K.

May 29 - Tab B.


Jun 5   -  Glenn B.

Jun 12 -  Dick K.

Jun 19 -  Kate S.

Jun 26 -  Mary S.


* If you are unable to read on your assigned day, please contact another person on the list to read on your day or please notify the Pastor. Thank you.


GREETERS for 2022

Jan 2  -  Sue W.

Jan 9  -  Eugene H.

Jan 16 - Carol F.

Jan 23 - Don & Mary S.

Jan 30 - Dave & Chris P.



Feb 6   - John & Judy M.

Feb 13 - Walt & Janet C.

Feb 20 - Glenn & Mary Kay B.

Feb 27 - Joe & Nancy K.


Mar 6   - Erin C.

Mar 13 - Carol R.

Mar 20 - Volunteer needed!

Mar 27 - Glenn & Mary Kay B.


Apr 3  -  Glenn & Bridget F.

Apr 10 -  Laura G.

Apr 17 -  Bill & Sally G.

Apr 24Jim & Kate S.


May 1  -  Volunteer needed!

May 8  -  Carole S.

May 15 - Connie K.

May 22 - Barb S.

May 29 - Glenn& Bridget F.


Jun 5   -  Mike & Marilyn H.

Jun 12 -  Ron & Mary F.

Jun 19 -  Mary Ellen M.

Jun 26 -  Cindi & Betty N.


Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of every month.

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Come and join us at The Lord's Table.






Sunday School

 CoffeeCafe         CoffeeCafeMembers
Coffee Café Sunday School Class
We meet in a classroom in the Sanctuary every Sunday after worship service and Meet and Greet.   We use the Wired Word curriculum, which takes a current event and makes it more relevant to modern Christian living.  We look at scriptures that correspond with each week’s particular current event and have great discussion about both the current event and the scripture.  And we have a lot of laughs!  

Homebuilders Sunday School Class
Homebuilders Sunday School Class is an adult class of men and women that meet Sunday mornings for Bible Study.  Currently, we are using a video study on The Apostles Creed written by Adam Hamilton, with Carole Smith as the discussion leader. In addition to meeting on Sundays, a number of times during the year we gather outside of church for picnics, homemade dinners, fun and fellowship.





Bible Study 

Mid-Week Bible Study ~~ Wednesday Evenings 7pm

We host a mid-week Bible Study three times a year during the Fall, Advent and Lenten Seasons. Please read our home page for more details. 




Contact Information:

Armagh United Methodist
     570 West Philadelphia St.
     Armagh, PA 15920
Office Phone: 814-446-5551
Pastor: Scott Hamley
Mobile Phone:  724-859-6745
Office Manager:
     Gloria Blankenship


Sunday Schedule:
Worship Service:  9:00 am
Communion First Sunday of Every Month
Meet & Greet in Elliot Hall: 10:15am
Light snack & fellowship
Sunday School:  10:30am
Small groups for all ages
We are located in Armagh, PA
in lower Indiana County west of Rts 56 & 22.
*Our Sanctuary and Elliot Hall Fellowship are all on one level and are fully handicap accessible.
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